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BIO analytica Rayan Company is one of the leading suppliers of the medical laboratory reagents and instruments
mainly in the field of the immunodiagnostics.

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Rayan Labaratory

الرائد في تشخيص الامراض المناعية

مختبر الريان التخصصي صرح متميز في مجال المختبرات الطبية ، حيث يقوم علي المختبر نخبة متميزة من الكوادر الطبية في كافة مجالات المختبرات الطبية

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Training Center

Help you become successful as a Certified

Are you ready to start your career in healthcare? Our Training Center is ready to help you reach your goals. All it takes is the right studying tips to secure your future.

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About Us

Welcome To BIOanalytica Rayan

BIOanalytica Rayan Company is a partnership private firm, founded in February 2006 in Khartoum, Sudan. In the business line, BIOanalytica is one of the leading suppliers of the medical laboratory reagents and instruments, mainly in the field of the immunodiagnostics.BIOanalytica offers sophisticated medical investigations using high quality reagents and instruments. Besides that, the company offers training and research facilities for researchers, students, and staff of biomedical fields. The overall scope of our company activities is to have a great share and better contribution in improvement of our community health.

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We are a supplier of Medical Laboratory Reagents & Instruments from Japan, Europe and USA