Aptec Products

Aptec ImmunoTurbidimetry kits

ImmunoTurbidimetry kits manufactured by Aptec Diagnostics NV, Belgium, are ready-to-use reagents available in convenient pack sizes.
Application support to perform tests in different analysers will be provided on request.


·ASL (O)


·CRP (Ultra Sensitive)

·Lipoprotein (a)

·Micro Albumin

·Rheumatoid Factor


·Apo A1

·Apo B









·Kappa Light chain

·Lambda Light chain



·ASL (O) standard High

·Apo A1 / B STD High

·Apo A1 / B STD set

·CRP standard Super High

·CRP (Ultra Sensitive) standard High

·Ferritin STD set

·Microalbumin standard

·Protein Standard High *

·Lipoprotein (a) standard High

·Rheumatoid Factor Standard High

·HbA1c STD Set


·ASL (O) control

·CRP control High

·CRP (Ultra Sensitive) control

·Ferritin Control High

·Lipoprotein (a) control low

·Microalbumin Control

·Rheumatoid Factor Control

·Protein Control

·HbA1c normal control & abnormal control