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ChemWell 2910

Automated PC controlled ELISA/biochemistry analyzer

  • Automated programmable capabilities: reagent dispensing, pre-dilutions, timed incubation & colorimetric reading, mixing, washing
  • Fluid volume range from 2 µL to 1.95 mL
  • Processes endpoint or kinetic reactions in ELISA microwell plates
  • 8 probe programmable wash head, automatic prime and rinse
  • 4 channel optical system, 8 filter wheel (340-700 nm) Customizable filter wavelengths available
  • Plate/Well Integrated thermostat 25°C, 37°C, ambient
  • Reactions take place in standard plastic microwells/strips
  • Applications in clinical and veterinary testing; environmental testing; analysis of food and water; and life science research
  • QC Tracking SW enables controls and calibrators to be tracked using Levey-Jennings graph
  • Optional Reagent Cooling Accessory (RCA)

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