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ChemWell-T 4620

Automated PC controlled biochemistry analyzer

  • Full range of biochemistry and immunoturbidimetric assays
  • Fully automated dilutions, pre-dilutions, dispensing single or multiple reagents, mixing
  • QC Tracking SW enables controls and calibrators to be tracked using Levey-Jennings graph
  • Minimum & maximum reaction volume: 240μl - 700μl
  • Plotting and editing reaction graphs, calibration curves, including kinetic reactions
  • Maximum throughput of up to 100 tests per hour
  • Maximum number of reagents/samples combined is 35 in standard rack, customizable racks to optimize the process efficiency
  • 6 filter wheel (340 nm - 630 nm) and 2 empty positions for future use
  • Integrated reagent cooling block

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