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ChemWell Fusion 4800

Automated PC controlled ELISA/chemiluminescence analyzer

  • Microwell CLIA and ELISA assays occur on the same device and the same plate
  • Reactions take place in standard plastic microwells/strips, opaque white for CLIA and transparent for ELISA
  • Spectral range for CLIA (300-650 peak wavelength of 400 nm)
  • Absorbance 4 filter wheel (405, 450, 492, 630 nm)
  • Patented dual-function reader, which automatically switches between absorbance and chemiluminescence reading
  • User-programming of a wide range of fluorescent test systems and standard colorimetric ELISA tests, with multiple calculating options
  • QC Tracking SW enables controls and calibrators to be tracked using Levey-Jennings graph
  • Performs dilutions and pre-dilutions; dispense volumes range from 2 ┬ÁL to 1.95 mL

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