EUROStar III Plus / cLED

Controlled light intensity for reliable diagnostics

  • EUROStar III Plus is specifically tailored to the requirements of indirect immunofluorescence. The conventional complex illumination fittings have been replaced by the stunningly simple EUROStar Bluelight system.
  • The LED has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours – which is 500 times longer than a mercury vapour lamp. Its light intensity is maintained at a constant level by electronic regulation. Thus, the microscope requires almost no maintenance.
  • Our technicians regularly check the light intensity of your EUROStar III Plus and issue a certificate to support your quality management system.
  • LEDs require only a tenth of the electrical power of a 50-watt HBO lamp, at a comparable brightness. EUROStar Bluelight is immediately ready for operation after being switched off and on and offers instant full output. It does not emit any ultraviolet radiation and is explosion-proof.
  • Switching between the camera and the eyepieces is unnecessary due to the convenient 50/50 beam splitter.
  • With its halogen transmitted-light source, EUROStar III Plus is suited for brightfield, darkfield and, optionally, for phase contrast microscopy.
  • With the EUROIMMUN cLED, the EUROStar Bluelight technology is also available as a separate component to upgrade other microscope types.