Fast and reliable IFT automation for low and medium throughput

  • Safe and convenient: Fully automated processing of immunofluorescence tests, from the dilution and dispensing of samples to the incubation and washing of microscope slides.
  • User-friendly: Sample identification by automatic scanning of barcodes when racks are inserted into the system.
  • Quick and reliable results: The washing of slides by flooding ensures short processing times and clear immunofluorescence signals.
  • Smooth laboratory routine: The connection to EUROLabOffice (optional) offers unique ways to optimise processes in serology, e. g. automatic generation of worklists.
  • 96 primary tubes (10 - 13 mm tube diameter).
  • 12 controls and 8 reagents (customised EUROIMMUN racks).
  • Up to 15 slides.
  • 192 dilution positions.