Multiparameter line blots for comprehensive antibody profiles

Uncomplicated test performance, reliable and simple evaluation:

  • Quick: The total time for analysis is 105 minutes. All incubation steps are carried out at room temperature.
  • Automatable incubation: with EUROBlotOne or EUROBlotMaster.
  • Secure: The antigen lines are located at precisely defined positions. Correct performance of the individual incubation steps is indicated by staining of the control band contained on each EUROLINE test strip. Positive and negative results can be distinguished from each other reliably and easily. The intensity of bands correlates with the antibody titer.
  • Monospecific: The antigens used are purified antigens, mostly isolated by affinity chromatography, or antigen extracts. The membrane strips do not contain superfluous proteins that may lead to unspecific positive results.
  • Multiparameter analysis: The use of an antigen spectrum that is specifically tailored to the diagnostic requirements increases the serological detection rate.
  • Evaluation: The EUROLineScan programme developed by EUROIMMUN
  • allows standardized evaluation of EUROLINE test strips, easy data management and detailed documentation of results. First, the incubated EUROLINE test strips are scanned by a flatbed scanner or photographed by a camera system.EUROLineScan recognizes the position of the strips, even if they have been placed inexactly, identifies the bands, and measures their intensity. Finally, the results are saved together with the image data and a separate results sheet can be issued for each patient. EUROLineScan can be integrated easily into EUROLabOffice or any other LIMS for optimal data communication.