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Basic Haematology Training Course

1. Course title: Basic Haematology Training course

2. Course Duration: 5 Days (20 hours)

3. Intended participant: All graduated and students of medical laboratory and other related medical fields.

4. Pre- requisite course: Basic knowledge of Hematology.

1. Aim: To fill the gaps between the available knowledge at universities

2. Course description

-This course focuses on over view of Haematology laboratory, types of investigations, RBCs disorders, skill of morphology, examination of PBP, Types of Anemia, slide review and coagulation disorder.

3. Course objectives:

By the end of this course the participant should be able to:

1. Discuss the basic principle of doing good comment on PBP accordingly

2. To differentiate between the different types of anemia’s according to the finding and also should know about Homeostasis and coagulation of blood.

4. Topics:

1. Over view of types of Hematology investigations & lab safety

2. Component of complete Haemogram, how to evaluate PBP, Normal blood film report, coagulation disorders.

5. Notes: The practical includes:

· How to make ideal PBF and doing differential count

· Reticulocyte stain

· Review different slides from different cases of anemia


Lecture & Practical


Overview of Haematology lab, lab safety ,types of investigations


Anemia’s and Thalassemia


Hemolytic Anemia




Slide Review & Discussion