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Immunoblotting technique Course (Practical)

1. Course Name: Immunoblotting technique

2. Course duration: 3 days (18 hours).

3. Course in perspectives: Immunology is one of the important sciences for medical laboratory students. It is an essential for understanding disease susceptibility, progression and diagnosis

4. Prerequisite is Basic immunology

5. Learning Objectives:

Describe and perform different types of Immunoblotting technique and it is Clinical application aspects

6. Content:


1. Reasons for Conduction

2. Blot test mechanisms

3. Blot test for autoimmune diagnostics (ANA profile 3)

4. Blot test for infectious serology diagnostics (T.O.R.C.H Profile)

5. Blot test for allergy diagnostics (Food, Inhalation)

6. EUROLineScan, EUROBlotMaster, EUROBlotOne)

7. Troubleshooting in Blot test systems


Intensive practical application for Immunoblotting technique in Autoimmune, Infectious and Allergy diagnosis for 3 days.

7. Schedule:





* Overview of development of immunological Techniques

* Immunoblotting technique

*EUROIMMUN blotting innovation

ANA Profile



Food Profile