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Indirect Immunofluorescence technique Course(Practical)

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Indirect Immunofluorescence technique Course(Practical)

1. Course Name: Indirect Immunofluorescence technique

2. Course duration: 3 days (18 hours).

3. Course in perspectives: Immunology is one of the important sciences for medical laboratory students. It is an essential for understanding disease susceptibility, progression and diagnosis

4. Prerequisite is: Basic immunology

5. Learning Objectives:

Describe and perform Indirect Immunofluorescence technique and it is Clinical application aspects

6. Content :


1- IIF technology: Reason for Conduction & Mechanism
2- Cell structure & Cycle
3- Hep-2 and Primate liver cells
4- Biochip technology , EUROPLUS™ System & Mosaics
5- Systemic auto antibodies
6- Organ Specific autoantibodies
7- Fluorescence patterns
8- Strategy for ANA diagnostics
9- Clinical application aspects
10- Patterns evaluation using IIF microscope

11- Application of IIF in Infectious & Allergy diagnosis


Intensive practical application for Indirect Immunofluorescence technique in Autoimmune, Infectious and Allergy diagnosis for 3 days.

7. Schedule:





* Overview of development of immunological Techniques

* IIF technique

*EUROIMMUN IIF innovation

ANA Global IIF



GAF/ endomysium IIF



Toxo plasma gondii IIF