After Sales Services

K-Bioanalytica Company Ltd. Is interesting in providing distinguished services at all levels that support the customer's comfort and quality of work, with high degrees of accuracy and professionalism.

As we offer high quality products at reasonable prices and convenient payment methods, we provides customer training on all devices and corresponding software, training for molecular and advance immunological techniques inside and outside the country; if required.

Regular maintenance, spare parts and consumables are available for all devices and provided free of charge during the warranty period.
Technical assistance also provided, including all necessary scientific information and application support for different devices, and test kits for all techniques.

For marketing and promotion offers please contact:
Makarios Mansour George
Sales Manager
TEL: +249 912568546

For ordering and administrative issue please contact:
Maysa Mahmoud Mohammed
Marketing and Scientific Officer
TEL: +249 927302857

For Scientific assistance and lab test application please contact:
Enas Alhag
Immunology Department Supervisor - Rayan Specialized Laboratory
TEL: +249 911304692

For Engineering support and technical assistance please contact:
Ayman Shafieg James
Engineering Unit Supervisor
TEL: +249 925515171