Incubator / Mixer

Stat Fax 2200 Programmable incubator/mixer

The Stat Fax 2200 is an economical combination incubator, timer, and shaker that accommodates two standard micro plates or strip trays. This microprocessor controlled instrument offers variable temperatures, times, and mixing speeds via the keypad. Incubation, timing, and mixing may also be used independently. A pulse mode is available. Temperatures may be set from room temperature to 40°C with a resolution of 0.1 degree. The instrument is designed to provide long life and trouble-free performance. A smoke tint acrylic cover protects the plates, shields them from light, and insulates them during incubation. The enclosed system also reduces the risk of biohazard from the dispersal of aerosols. Like all of the Stat Fax instruments, this instrument offers quality and versatility and is backed with a one year warranty.

- Compact and easy to use.
- Capacity: 2 standard 96 well microplates or strip trays, round or flat bottom wells.
- Microprocessor control for temperature and mixing speed.
- 8 mixing modes (575 to 1500 rpm).
- Cover to protect from light and dust.
- Ambient to 40˚C.
- Digital time setting, time countdown on display.
- Audible signal timer.