The EUROBlotMaster and the EUROBlotMaster 44 are compact tabletop devices for processing EUROIMMUN blot strips (EUROLINE, EUROLINE-WB, Westernblot). Following the software-guided loading of reagents, blot strips and samples, the devices perform all incubation and wash steps of the work protocol, as well as the dispensing of buffers, conjugates and substrate and stop solutions. Different conjugates and tests for autoimmune, infection and allergy diagnostics can be combined in one run.
EUROBlotMaster devices have an integrated display with a membrane keyboard and do not require an additional PC. They are convenient and simple to operate using six keys and require minimal daily maintenance of five minutes at most.

- Standardised incubation of immunoblot strips – higher precision and reproducibility.
- Automatisation of all EUROIMMUN immunoblot strips (EUROLINE, EUROLINE-WB, Westernblot).
- Over 90 validated profiles available (autoantibody diagnostics, infectious serology and allergology).
- Two models available: for up to 30 or 44 strips per test run.
- Easy operation.
- Combination of different conjugates/tests in one run.
- Walk-away function – fully automated from the start to the end of processing following loading.
- Compatible with modern evaluation systems such as EUROBlotCamera and EUROLineScan.