The EUROLineScan software performs fully automated, quantitative evaluation of EUROIMMUN blot strips, and administration and electronic archiving of the individual data. Moreover, EUROLineScan simplifies the incubation procedure by producing clearly laid out work protocols – also when connected to a laboratory information system (LIS) or EUROLabOffice 4.0.

The incubated strips or slides are scanned onto a work protocol using a flatbed scanner, or by means of the integrated camera system (EUROBlotOne) while still in the incubation tray. EUROLineScan automatically recognises the position of the strips, identifies the bands and measures their intensity. The user can view the results and images of the strips in an overview and in a detailed individual view in order to verify the suggested results. The results are then saved automatically together with the image data. In this way, it is no longer necessary to archive the incubated (and potentially infectious) strips.

- For all EUROIMMUN blot systems: EUROLINE, EUROLINE-WB, Westernblot.
- For all areas: autoimmune diagnostics, infectious serology and allergy.
- EUROBlotCamera: digitalisation of strips while in the incubation tray.
- EUROBlotScanner: digitalisation of strips using flatbed scanner.
- Fully automated identification, quantitation and assignment of bands.
- Option to modify results (changes are automatically documented).
- Complete results obtained just a few minutes after finishing the incubation.
- Fully automated administration and documentation of extensive individual data.
- Electronic archiving of all images and data (avoids the need to store potentially infectious blot strips).