CW 2902

ChemWell 2902

- Fully automated dilutions capability, pre-dilutions, dispense reagents by single well or 8-way multiple well reagent dispense.
- Reactions take place in standard 96 well microwell plates or microwell strips.
- Maximum number of specimens: 96 (including calibrators and controls).
- Maximum number of reagents: Typically 27 or 44 (reagents can also be programmed to go to the sample rack).
- Automated plotting and editing reaction graphs, calibration curves, including kinetic reactions.
- Maximum throughput of 200 tests per hour (test dependent) QC Tracking options, using Levey-Jennings.
- 8 filter wheel (340-700 nm).
- Applications in clinical and veterinary testing; environmental testing; analysis of food and water; and life science research.
- Optional Reagent Cooling Accessory (RCA).