Dermatomycosis Pathogens Detection Kit is now available!

Euroimmn EUROArray Detection Kit of dermatomycosis pathogens Now is available for Order

The new standard in fungal infection diagnostics.
The EUROArray Dermatomycosis allows reliable and comprehensive detection of dermatomycosis pathogens in less than 24 hours.
Owing to the combined PCR and hybridisation technologies, the EUROArray Dermatomycosis not only delivers prompt and clear results, but is also the most comprehensive PCR-based test for detection of fungal infections of skin, hair and nails worldwide. This assay allows 50 dermatophyte species to be detected together as a group via universal dermatophyte detection. Additionally, 23 dermatophyte, 3 yeast and 3 mould species can be detected and identified in the same analysis.

Moreover, the EUROArray Dermatomycosis offers the following advantages compared to the classic methods and other molecular genetic procedures:
- Simple procedure– no expert knowledge required.
- Automated evaluation and report generation.
- Highest possible sensitivity even after start of treatment with antimycotic nail polish.
- Reliable differentiation of closely related species.
- Clear and reliable identification of mixed infections with different fungi.

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