Diagnosis of Food intolerances become available

Diagnosis of Food intolerances become available with KBIOanalytica from EUROIMMUN

Allergy vs. intolerance
A classic food allergy of the immediate type is based on an immune reaction caused by antibodies of class IgE against components of the food. The allergic reaction may be life-threatening and occurs mainly immediately after the ingestion. In the case of a food intolerance, however, the reaction takes place with a time delay. The mainly unspecific symptoms manifest only hours to days after ingestion of the damaging food component. There is no danger to life.

What causes food intolerance?
The causes are a (chronically) diseased intestine whose epithelium (intestinal wall) has an increased permeability for components of digested food compared with healthy intestinal epithelium (leaky-gut syndrome) or a weakened immune system. The immune system reacts to these foreign substances with the formation of specifi c antibodies of class IgG. It is assumed that the resulting immune complexes of IgG and bound food components may aggravate already existing disease symptoms (see complaints), if they occur in large quantities.
EUROLINE FOOD is a test system for the semi quantitative detection of antibodies of class IgG against up to 216 food components and additives from those food category:
Gluten-containing grains Nuts & Seeds ,Salads ,Herbs & Spices, Dairy products & Eggs Miscellaneous, Vegetables, Meat, Legumes, Mushrooms, Fruits, Gluten-free grains & Alternative foods Fish & Seafood.

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